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Certified, Women-Owned 

Shift Your Shopping

Support Women-Owned Brands

Her 2016 mission was to ONLY buy products & services from women-owned businesses. 

In 2024, she's
sharing her fave women-owned brands with the
One brand a day.

People often ask me how I find the Women-Owned brands that I feature on my social media sites.  The answer is three-fold:  1) l look for the official "Women-Owned" logo; 2) I do my research and       3) I scour stores, both online and brick and mortar (so you don't have to).

Instead of publishing a list (which many, many people have requested), I am committing myself to updating this site every morning of 2024, for 365 days.  I pledge to promote one certified, Women-Owned brand every day.  I will provide some background info and shopping link, if applicable.  These will not be archived (since ownership status often changes) , and will not be sponsored ads.  These will be my favorite products and will span multiple categories (home, health, fashion, cleaning, beauty, etc.).  I hope you enjoy the content and visit often!

~ Intentional Kate

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Women-Owned brand. 


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